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What Happens After You Declare Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is not a decision that should be taken lightly. There are some serious financial implications involved and your financial freedom will be limited for years to come. This doesn't imply that filing for bankruptcy is the end of the world though. It should actually be considered as the first step in securing a bright [...]

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Is Bankruptcy My Best Alternative? How To Know If Bankruptcy Is Right For You

  Experiencing financial hardship is a particularly stressful situation and unfortunately, millions of individuals around the world find themselves in this situation each day. Individuals in this situation have numerous options to recover from their financial troubles, and bankruptcy should be thought of as a last resort when all other options have been exhausted. You've [...]

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How To Save Money On Your Groceries

Providing food for your family is paramount and the costs of doing so can fluctuate extensively depending upon your mood, financial position, and whether you're hungry when you visit the supermarket! But the fact is that food is a substantial expense for a lot of families, and discovering ways to save at the grocery store [...]

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Signs You May Be Having Money Issues

Everybody loves money, particularly spending it! Buying new toys or new clothes which make you feel and look great is important for your confidence and self-esteem. But how do you know if you're good with money or not? Even if you get paid lots of money doesn't indicate you're good with it. There are plenty [...]

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Effective ways to Recover After Declaring Bankruptcy

There's no doubt that are some tough financial consequences in filing for bankruptcy, and there's no question that your life will go through some significant changes. If you're in this situation, don't be alarmed. The challenging economic times witnessed today means that a growing number of individuals are declaring bankruptcy. In fact, there are roughly [...]

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Bankruptcy & Superannuation – 3 Critical Questions

For a lot of Australians superannuation can be an individual's biggest asset, the feeling of losing it when filing for bankruptcy is a very real concern for a lot of our clients. With certain areas of the economy doing rather well and other components passing through tough economic times, bankruptcy numbers in Australia still continue [...]

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What Happens When You Declare Bankruptcy and Purchasing A Home

Even though bankruptcy has plenty of financial consequences, it certainly doesn't signify the end of the world. Many individuals file for bankruptcy for many reasons, and this number only increases with the difficult economic conditions that we experience today. According to statistics from the Australian Financial Security Authority (AFSA), there were 7,466 episodes of bankruptcy [...]

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Top Things You Should NOT Do Before Going Bankrupt

Too many bills? Too much debt? Not nearly enough money? Most individuals struggle financially at some point in their lives. Unexpected situations such as hospitalisation, job loss, or even divorce, can severely transform your financial condition. Yet, when there's no other way to adequately manage your debts, some folks are forced to file for bankruptcy. [...]

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Signs You May Want To Consider Bankruptcy

Personal bankruptcy is never the preferred position to be in, however many individuals find relief in dealing with their financial issues and starting afresh. No one is perfect, and people make mistakes. Yet a lot of men and women hold off filing for bankruptcy for far too long. They would prefer to ignore the elephant [...]

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Bankruptcy Advice – Filing For Bankruptcy and Divorce

Everybody experiences strenuous times in their life. Loss of employment, major illness, and unexpected pregnancies are just a handful of these. A leading reason why these situations are so traumatic is because financial complications are typically accompanied with them. In many cases, financial challenges are the leading cause of divorce, and conversely, divorce can be [...]

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